A Breakthrough to Be the Winner in The Competitive Era

English, by far, is the most spoken language in the world nowadays with 1.231 million speakers as of June 2021.[1]   Its role is so real in all aspects of human life.  It is a universal and default language in international business, tourism, technology, diplomatic, cultural, education, and many more.

Due to its fundamental role, English has been taught and learned all over the world from pre-school to university level.  Schools agree that good English skill will lead to better competitiveness of their graduates.

In Indonesia, English becomes a compulsory subject that must be taught and learned in junior high school to university level.  For most private schools, English is even taught since pre-school level.  Many private schools also use native speakers as English teacher or to teach other subjects to develop students’ English skill.

TOV (Thariq On Voice)

SIT Thariq Bin Ziyad, as a reputable Islamic school institution in Bekasi, has been long realized the importance of the language.  It has been dreaming to have graduates with good English skill to be able to compete in the global era.  Many efforts have been conducted to achieve the dream.

  1. Thariq Bin Ziyad may be the only institution that established English Development Division that is concern in English skill for both teachers and students.  English skill is one of the most competitive advantages that must be attained by students through innovative and creative teaching and learning process.
  2. Thariq Bin Ziyad is also developing its own additional English materials for its students in addition to compulsory government materials.  This additional material is especially intended to develop students’ oral communication skill.
  3. To accelerate the mastery of English skill, especially speaking skill, Thariq Bin Ziyad has been consistently use native speakers for International Preparation (IP) programme in Junior High and Senior High School.
  4. Daily English programmes also become our important parts to train our students to implement their knowledge and to show their skill.

The above efforts are considered very useful to gain our dream: seeing our graduates to be the winners and important players in the competitive era now and then.


Kalimi, S.Pd

Manager of English Development

LPIT Thariq Bin Ziyad

[1] https://www.berlitz.com/en-uy/blog/

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